How to Calculate Body Fat Percentage

Most of us look in the mirror, see the fat, and either like what we see or are very disappointed in ourselves. The reality is we need to learn how to calculate body fat percentage. When we do look in the mirror, and we don’t like what we see because we think we are fat, the seriousness of our situation is how much body fat percentage we carry day in and day out.  Too much fat is not healthy!

When we learn how to calculate body fat percentage we really get to the issue of our obese situation. We tend to look at ourselves cosmetically from the outside, but what we need to come to terms with is that if we see a lot of fat on our outside, can you just imagine how much fat we have surrounding all of our organs on the inside. Once we learn just how critical this really is, we finally get motivated to learn about calculating our body fat percentage.


Before getting into some popular ways on how to calculate body fat percentage, here are two generalizations accepted as truth, to keep in mind regarding what our body fat percentage should really be. Generally speaking, a healthy woman will probably fit in between 21–to 31% body fat. When a woman has a body fat percentage of 10% or less chances are that woman is an athlete or just very active. On the other hand, a fit man carries a percentage range between 14 to 25% body fat. An athletic man could have as low as 2% body fat when he’s in superb physical shape, athletically speaking.

In my personal battle and fight against my body fat, I have come to appreciate 2 methods of measuring my body fat. For a quick check, I use the body fat scale that I have in my bathroom every morning. Although this method is not entirely accurate, it gives me a checkpoint that I can use everyday. The other more accurate way of measuring body fat, is with the use of a skinfold caliper. The Calpier is very inexpensive to purchase, I believe it’s about $20 or so, and with simple instructions to follow, it is very easy to use. Try these two ways and you will become familiar with how to calculate body fat percentage for yourself. In addition to doing all these things for yourself, please take advantage of the advice of a professional fitness expert.


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